Corporate Wellness

Increase the productivity of your employees by providing nutritional foods at the office.

I know you must be wondering how does the food we eat at work impact our health? On average, people spend more time at the office than at home and so the food at the office is eaten multiple times during the day. Considering that the leading causes of illness/death in the United States are food-based diseases this becomes paramount to productivity at the work place. Diseases like cancer, heart attacks and strokes can take decades to reveal itself in its critical state and often the symptoms of these diseases are considered typical “aging” problems like memory loss, lack of vitality and enthusiasm and can negatively impact productivity.

I thought my symptoms were from aging until I changed what I ate and revived my body to ultimate health. Therefore food that is provided in a work environment either in vending machines and/or in a cafeteria is potentially enhancing the health of your employees or feeding disease. If the foods in your cafeteria our traditional, they are most likely feeding disease. This is where our services come in as “Food Busters” to ferret out unhealthy snacks and drinks and recommend nutritional replacements. This simple change can significantly enhance the productivity of your employees, which in turn more than pays for the upgrade of food cost.

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Personal Coaching

Nutritional coaching starts with a conversation about you and your goals as it relates to your health, ideal weight, and food preferences.  Fresh Foods for Health nutritional coaching is an all-encompassing approach to helping you reach your health goals. It’s not about quick fixes and losing weight – it’s about long-term sustainable change. During our Nutritional Coaching session, I share with you the additives you should avoid based on the research I’ve done on the subject.  We use your pantry foods to show you how to read the label and identify additives that are harmful.  This is very empowering because it allows you to be in the “drivers seat” of what you allow into your body! Based on what you will learn about additives in processed food, it will be easier for you to make healthier decisions about the food you purchase!

Consultations can be conducted over the phone or via Skype.

Topics include

  • Review of what you and your family are eating at family meals and snacks
  • What’s in the fridge and pantry – “what should stay and what should go”
  • Reading labels and the list of food additives to avoid
  • Learn what tasty healthy foods can replace you favorite unhealthy foods
  • Learn what to use to detox your body from heavy metals and other toxins
  • Chemicals in our home can be a major source of toxic chemicals that get into our bodies. Get healthy living recommendations from best house cleaning products to best personal hygiene products.

The coaching packages will guide you session by session to your best health!

1 Session – $160
1 hour

2 Sessions – $280 ($140 each)
2 hours

3 Sessions – $390 ($130 each) 
3 hours