When my children were young, I was a single mom working full time and did not cook big meals at home except during the holidays. Our lives were full of activities, and I was too busy to attempt to be a supermom. Often we would go out for dinner or I would make a quick mac and cheese or make spaghetti and use a off the shelf sauce. It was easy and my children liked it! I was taking shortcuts that allowed me to spend more time with my children. I found out fifteen years later, when I started to experience stomachaches and weight gain, that my shortcuts on food were costing me my feeling of well-being and unexpected medical expenses.
I went to my regular doctor and found out I had high blood pressure. I was given several medications that I took every day. Then a friend of mine suggested I see his doctor, an alternative medical practitioner, who helped his wife with her digestive issues. I decided to give him a try, since I had found nothing that had helped me so far.
This doctor measured the acidity in my body. He told me that my body was too acidic, and if I did not change my diet, I would have diabetes in ten to fifteen years. He gave me a diet plan that would provide a better balance between acidity and alkalinity.
I was overwhelmed with the changes I needed to make, so it took a while for me to incorporate the changes into my diet. I needed to understand more of the “why.” Why did acidity of my body matter, and what did acidity have to do with diabetes and the health of my stomach? My journey to discovery took more than six years. It was scary and exciting—scary because I became aware of the negative impact my unhealthy and imbalanced diet had on the health of my body, and exciting because I discovered that the human body is resilient and will heal itself fairly quickly with a continued healthy diet. Realizing I needed more knowledge about whole foods, I attended Living Light Institute and received my certification as a raw food chef and nutritionist.
Today I feel the best I have felt in many years, both physically and mentally. My weight is back to normal, I no longer have high blood pressure nor need pharmaceutical drugs, and my physical strength is at its best. Another gift has been what seems to be a reversal of aging.
The goal of this book is to give an overview of what is happening with our health when eating a traditional Western diet of processed food and how easy it is to increase your daily percentage of fresh veggies and fruits by drinking smoothies.
In this book, I provide a list of smoothie blenders with a high-powered motor, which is necessary to break down the internal molecular structure of the fruits and vegetables. Also included is nutritional information on alkalinity, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and fiber that explains the health benefits of fresh veggies and fruits.
If you are like me, you want the best for your family but may lack the time and tools to put together perfect family meals. That is why I developed smoothie recipes that are simple to make with easy-to-find frozen fruits and prewashed vegetables at a price that will work within the family budget. My goal is to make it easy for your family to have healthy, fresh, live vegetables and fruits that taste good.
Because of this journey, it is now my passion and honor to work with individuals, families, and Corporate America to bring Fresh Living Foods into their diets.  Please see my list of  services on this website.

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